Lanzarote Life – Buy A Property in Lanzarote and Live in Paradise

Why Lanzarote? Simply, why not?

Lanzarote is an island that forms part of the archipelago of the Canary Islands in the Atlantico Ocean, 115km off the Moroccan coast. Lanzarote boasts a unique beauty, with a volcanic landscape, picturesque beaches and temperate climate which provides a haven for those wanting a lifestyle change conveniently still within 4 hours of most European airports. 

Famous for winter sun, stunning beaches, ideal for water sports fanatics with world renown surf breaks and elite warm weather training facilities for a diverse range of athletes. Hosting International sports competitions most famously the Lanzarote Ironman Triathlon, ‘the hardest in the world’ similar in style to the World Championship event in Kona, Hawaii. The island retains a traditional charm and village ambience with many beautiful and cultural places of interest.

Lanzarote Life allows us to enjoy all aspects of this island paradise within the proximity of our own homes, buy a house in Lanzarote and open the door to a new lifestyle.

Photographed by Stuart Westwood

Those who live on the island or who visit regularly are quick to recognise and promote the natural beauty of the island and the benefits of living in Lanzarote.

It is a pleasure to introduce some of the people who can provide a fountain of knowledge and information about the island with practical advice, detailed reports of the best places to visit and up coming events.

Please find below links to our colleagues at Lanzarote Information and Camel Travel, Mike and Julie Cliffe-Jones and Kim Edwards-Buarque from 'Hello Canary Islands' 

Below are some wonderful articles by Kim Edwards-Buarque,( our friend, translator and copy-writer, one of the many talented professionals living in Lanzarote writing for ‘Hello Canary Islands' on the Canary Islands Tourist website (

Here is a selection of articles to give you the motivation to BUY now to fully enjoy Lanzarote Life:

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